the nohm collective

The NOHM Collective, was founded by Wren Lizabeth in 2015 in efforts to bridge mindful conversation and self care with collective consumption while in event and social settings. When choosing a business status she incorporated The NOHM Collective as a triple bottom line Benefit Corporation in efforts to keep transparency and integrity alive when it comes to The NOHM’s business practices from the ground up. As a lifelong student of permaculture and herbalism her holistic mindset is embodied in the business’ mission to employ regenerative systems and practices in sourcing and production methods every step of the way. Wren believes that transformation starts in your cup, whether that be through a beverage or through the embodiment of our own body as a vessel.

Wren Lizabeth

For the last decade Wren, aka Jill TrAshley, has been spearheading efforts toward more efficient and responsible waste streams in the event industry within the United States. She holds a BFA in installation art from FSU, has managed a successful event based career in waste management and has been deepening her studies in herbalism and permaculture with Permaculture Action Network, Tucson Watershed Management Group, Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine, The Village Witches, Herbal Academy and Earth Activist Training. 

She is the head brewer of The MerTails and Herban Mylk elixirs and manages the day to day operations of supply chain, production and distribution of our herbal products found in our apothecary.

Engaging in creative pursuits and empowering initiatives like #ElixirsasMixers with The NOHM Collective, the #EndSingleUse campaign pioneered with Lucidity Festival, and the Envision Festival #CompostCrashCourse via Facebook, she focuses on collaboration and cooperative action, employing this righteous alliance in a myriad of endeavors.

You can find her on the road and in the greater Asheville area as she builds a zero waste business and lifestyle, while leading a new discussion on waste streams, conscious consumption, and how you can help transform the norm by taking the conversation home with you.


Curator of LivingEartharian, an ideology rooted in vital independent actions encouraged by holistic education and conscious consumption. This endeavour aims to inspire awareness through the evolutionary lens of what it means for modern humans to be in cooperation with the ancient earth.

With a wide spectrum of scholarly pursuits and lifestyle passions, Jacquelyn has developed an integrative approach to fuse health with wealth in career as well as community. Early on, she became distraught with the effects of corporatism, agricultural industry and the pharmaceutical epidemic on the human psyche and society at large. Her independent entrepreneurial spirit has always been met with parallel focus and consideration of collective success and planetary perspective. Jacquelyn is perpetually nurturing and weaving specializations of nutrition, psychology, somatic therapy, herbalism, womb wisdom, communication, permaculture, event production and installation design.

She utilizes her skillset to consult and implement psychologically based and ecologically sound marketing strategies, dynamic management systems as well as creative content and programming for companies, centers and individuals in the fields of nutrition and healing arts. In balance to her intellectual endeavors, Jacquelyn can be found behind the tea table, cultivating in the garden, harvesting in the wild or in the kitchen brewing with medicinal plants for skincare products, culinary delights or herbaceous remedies.


I am in service to the alchemical vapour of dreams. I actively seek to materialize these dreams of a more colorful and harmonious world into being. The nature of the NOHM has provided a fitting platform for my myriad talents and interests to find more deeply rooted purpose and deeper fulfillment of my expressions. A Jack of All Trades, and master of none, to me is more vital than a master of one! Shapeshifting my expression of service to fit the needs of the collective or project at hand has allowed for me to connect to these collaborative visions on many levels. This provides insight on how to connect and communicate clearly the needs of my team and lead by example. My overarching goal is to catalyze, to inspire others to empower themselves to realize their authentic expression and deeper potential.

You may find me telling stories through many mediums and services. Painting large murals or small canvases. In the movement of animation and illustration. Through poetry and words, or in the design and creative guidance of intentional spaces. Or perhaps in a freshly prepared cup of tea. This world is a rainbow of wonder, and I wish my response to it be expressed with mutual color and diversity. 

So let’s dream it. Let’s build it, but first… let’s have some tea!  Cheers! 


Violet Julia aka “VioLet Go” specializes in Creative Movement Facilitation, Health Education, Herbalism, Yoga, Integrative Massage, Vibrational Therapy, Ceremonial Performance and Visual Art. She devotes her life to the celebration of embodiment, through a myriad of healing techniques, integrated to nourish the whole self. Through dance, plants, energy medicine, and bodywork (Embodywork), she encourages all to call upon the wisdom of our inner compass. To support growth, remain balanced, present, and dedicated to our vital mission. 

Violet offers a bountiful buffet of dance flavors including various forms of belly dance, hip hop, modern, jazz,  ballet and continues to taste and integrate many fine art forms from around the world into her practice. With the foundation of yogic principles and qi gong, her intention shares these practices as nourishment to feed the hunger that heals, and connect to our natural rhythms. Whether developing choreography, improvising, or simply warming up, Violet believes our motion holds the power to unwind trauma, process emotions, channel prayer, manifest our reality, and ignite our intuition to bring greater harmony.

The foundation of her herbal practice remains in revealing relationship. Violet inspires a deepening connection to our actions, consumption, thoughts, feelings, dreams, communications, self and other creatures. She does not simply hand out a tincture for others to “use”, She treats the medicine as a living entity, and within a growing, respectful relationship, remains an opportunity to receive healing on levels beyond just the physical. The elements will remind us to listen to what the whole self needs and emphasize the dialogue with all our relations. Our water, food, fire, breath all have consciousness, so when we engage with the world through this lens, we reflect this nature and create greater impact in whatever we do.