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The NOHM Collective

Blossom & Boost Formula

Blossom & Boost Formula

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Immune system booster formula designed to activate the immune response to invaders of the body as well as big shifts, moves, losses and change that can tax the adrenals, increasing cortisol production AKA stress, and attack the immune system. It is ALL connected!

Ingredients: Wildcrafted Hemlock Tips, Wildcrafted Honeysuckle Flower, Organically Grown Spilanthes Flower and Leaf, Organically Grown Chocolate Mint, Organic Cane Spirits, Local Spring Water, Local Raw Wildflower Honey, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar


- 2-3 Droppers (40-60 drops) 3x daily for 7-10 days

- Do not exceed 10 days as this formula is meant for high doses in short periods of time to boost the immune system. Intended use for the onset of illness or when environmental, physical or emotional change is expected to cause stress. I.E. moving, traveling, seasonal shifts in weather, experiencing death or loss of any kind.

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