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Catnip tincture (Nepeta cataria)

Catnip tincture (Nepeta cataria)

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The ultimate feline herb, for centuries cats have been going crazy over this plant. It sparks arousal and spunk in most yet has a more soothing and calming effect on us humans. Catnip has been used in Native American healing systems and European + American folk medicine for generations as a calming agent for body and mind. The Cherokee used the plant similarly to other indigenous groups and also considered it to be an overall strengthening tonic.

Ingredients: Organic Catnip, Organic Cane Spirits, Local Spring Water

Catnip grown by our Garden Godparents in organic naturalized wild patches in Asheville, NC


- 1-2 Droppers (20-40 drops) 1-2x daily to manage daily stressors

- If you notice that it makes you sleepy switch to taking this extract only in the late afternoon and evening after you are finished with work for the day.

- 2-3 Droppers (20-60 drops) as needed. Catnip can affect you like a few sips of wine, activating in an instant, so keep on hand for those more stressful times when you need support in the moment.

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