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The NOHM Collective

Heart on Flora Cacao Paste

Heart on Flora Cacao Paste

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Our mocha paste botanically infused with an aphrodisiac feel good blend of herbs and flowers. Stands alone as an herbal hot chocolate and compliments locally roasted espresso with milk of choice, served hot or iced.

We source our Vanilla outside of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico from an organic family farm that lovingly tends to their vanilla in synergy with native bees that naturally pollinate the orchid flowers that take years to grow vanilla bean pods for our enjoyment.

Ingredients ✾ Raw and Sun Dried Caribbean Cacao Paste from Gandoca, Costa Rica, Organic Coconut Butter, Nectar & Coconut Oil infused.  Botanically infused with a house made small batch extract of Costa Rican Wildcrafted Ylang Ylang Flower, Mexican Damiana, Mexican Vanilla Bean and Celtic Sea Salt

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