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Milky Oats Tincture (Avena sativa)

Milky Oats Tincture (Avena sativa)

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Imagine a needle with a silk thread weaving the frayed edges and the tears of your nervous system back into balance. We all wear the fabric of our lives in this particular system of the body that requires mending and maintenance.

Oat tops come alive with at the tip swollen with "mother's milk" for only a short window time each year. These tops are hand harvested and blended into a water and organic cane alcohol base to extract and preserve the nourishing nervous system properties found in their milk.

Ingredients: Organic Milky Oat Tops, Organic Cane Spirits, Local Spring Water

Bottle Size and product yield:
- 2 ounces yields 2-4 weeks; $22
- 4 ounces yields 4-8 weeks; $44
- 8 ounces yields 2-4 months $77

- 1-2 Droppers (30-60 drops) 2x daily in 2oz of water
- 3-4 droppers as needed in times of high stress and anxiety

Materia Medica:
- Organically grown and harvested in North Carolina.
- Restorative to the nervous system, reproductive system, & digestive system as well as fortifying to bones, hair. It’s tonic effects are seen through long-term and daily use of the herb to restore natural energy reserves, promoting vitality.
- Energetically sweet, slightly cool & moistening; generally well received amongst all constitutions/ body types.
- The stalk of the Oat plant is also nutritive and full of minerals like iron, magnesium and calcium. Drinking a long infusion of this herb daily is a nourishing way to do some deep healing over time to restore energy, vital functions and energetic balance.
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