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The MerTails

Stimulation MerKola Concentrate

Stimulation MerKola Concentrate

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Saturate your taste buds with this aromatic spiced & stimulating libation inspired by the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. This quasi-traditional Coca Cola can restore vital energy without the crash!
Volume: Available in 12 oz (375ml) & 24 oz (750ml)
Servings Per Bottle: 12-24
Serving Size: 1 fluid ounce
Ingredients: +Spring Water*, Fair Trade Sugar Cane*, Yerba Maté*, Kola Nut*, Ginger Root*, Star Anise*, Spilanthes*, Bay Rum Leaf*, Cardamom Pod*, Fair Trade Vanilla Bean*, +Celtic Sea Salt


+ Seasonally Wildcrafted Throughout the Americas
* Certified and Non Certified Organic

Holistic Highlights

  • Promotes circulation
  • Activates digestion
  • Can build endurance & physical stamina over time
  • Generates focus
  • Balanced by theobromine

Vegan – Gluten Free – GMO Free – Hand Harvested – Artisanal – Soy Free – Fair Trade Cane Sugar


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