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The NOHM Collective

The MerTails Elixir Collection

The MerTails Elixir Collection

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A collection of all four MerTail beverage concentrates to up level your at home bar experience! Recipes included on labels and our socials in highlights and throughout our feed. We also have a MerTail eBook available in the shop!

Choose from both sizes:

Serving size: 1 fluid ounce (2 tablespoons) over ice with flat / bubbly water

Servings per bottle: 12 + 24

Size of bottle: 12 oz (375ml) + 24 oz (750ml)


Saturate your taste buds with this aromatic spiced & stimulating libation. Our quasi-traditional Coca Cola can restore vital energy without the crash!

Holistic Highlights

Promotes circulation, Activates digestion, Builds endurance & physical stamina, Generates focus, Balanced by theobromine


Relax, sink in & satiate your craving for serenity with this nutrient-dense folk remedy inspired by the Appalachian mountains.

Holistic Highlights

Eases the nervous system, Lowers inflammation and keeps allergy symptoms at bay, Immune System Booster, Mineral rich, Supports restfulness & stress reduction, Nourishes the kidneys


Dip your tail in & replenish yourself with this sugar-free mocktail designed to quench your thirst & balance electrolytes.

Holistic Highlights

Alkalizing, Positively influences complexion & healthy skin, Supports balance of gut bacteria & blood sugar, High in electrolytes, Anti-microbial


Tune in and turn on your awareness with deep breaths of mint while nourishing your adrenals with adaptogenic herbs that reduce stress and silence overactive minds.

Holistic Highlights

Adaptogenic, Cooling, clearing and refreshing, Supports healthy lung function, Promotes focus and clarity, Assists in meditation and breath work

For more information see each product description in the web store.

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