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The MerTails

The MerTails Elixir Sampler

The MerTails Elixir Sampler

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This is our newest offering, which features all five of the MerTails Elixirs in 4 oz bottles so you can try them all! Each bottle contains 4 servings, divided into 1 ounce servings when married with 8-10 oz of club soda, sparkling water, flat hot or iced water.

Sampler pack comes with a jigger for measuring your concentrate.

Hydration MerTini, Relaxation MerGarita, Exhalation MerJito, Stimulation MerKola and our newest, Circulation MerMosa!

Our products are handmade each month and are devoid of chemical preservatives, gmo's, fillers and gums. The MerTails require long term refrigeration to maintain the benefits and flavor.

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