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The NOHM Collective

Tulsi Rose Spagyria Tincture

Tulsi Rose Spagyria Tincture

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Activate your Light Body with the Sacred plant allies of Holy Basil & Rose Damascena, revered for their high vibrational energies and medicinal properties.

A Tulsi / Holy Basil & Rose Tonic Herb Alchemical Tincture presents a spicy taste steeped in ancient longevity offering a broad spectrum super boost for your Light body and Soul vessel.


Ingredients: Organic Tulsi / Holy Basil trio (Krishna, Rama & Vana) Infused in: Blessed Sacred Water, Organic Grape Spirit (Alcohol), Organic Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol, Birch Bark Extract (Xylitol), Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Bulgarian Rose Damascena Essential oil, Calcined Crystal Plant Salts + All Our Love!

Pure, Organic, Plant-Based (Vegan)


Primary  benefits: 

*Adaptogen Providing Enhanced Longevity
*Heart-chakra Opening
*Enhances Your Energetic Vibrancy


How to use:

Take 1 to 2 droppers full, 2-3 x per day by placing under your tongue and breathing deeply; focus on your heart, visualizing your entire being filling with light, with a smile, while feeling happy, alive and energized in your body.

Daily use is recommended and encouraged.

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