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Wood Betony Tincture (Betonica officinalis)

Wood Betony Tincture (Betonica officinalis)

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Materia Medica:
- Wood betony is a relaxant, bitter and astringent nerve tonic. These properties have been extolled in its traditional use and indicate its virtues in easing digestive problems and minor afflictions of the nervous system. Specifically, it can be used for acute tension headaches and migraines, as well as chronic headaches. It can reduce tension and the frequency of chronic headaches over time.
- Wood Betony has a grounding effect and is useful to clear energy stuck in the head that can create looping thoughts and mental exhaustion. It can also ease anxiety and pre-menstrual tension.
- In addition, it can be used as a bitter relaxant tonic for the digestive system. At one time this plant was so revered as a panacea , the Italians encouraged “Sell your coat and buy betony”.

Bottle Size and product yield:
- 2 ounces yields 2-4 weeks; $22
- 4 ounces yields 4-8 weeks; $44

- Start with a drop dose of 6-12 drops in 2oz of water or cup of tea
- Increase dosage as needed, not exceeding 6 Droppers (120 drops) in a day
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